Thumm's Up Home Improvement  248-544-1208
Our pricing is very competitive, and what we estimate in writing is exactly what you'll pay, guaranteed.

Thumm's Up Home Improvement Company is the only call you'll need to make, because we do handle
every aspect of the basement finishing process, including:

     Framing & Insulation                        Drywall, Paint & Trim
     Electrical & Lighting                         Plumbing
     Heating & Cooling                            Bathroom & Kitchen installation
     Flooring (Hardwood, Ceramic tile)
Our Mission:

Simply to offer homeowners in the Tri County
area a professionally finished basement.

1. Quality workmanship & material.
2. Reliable and professional services.
3. Practical designs.
4. Competitive pricing.
5. Completion in a timely, neat and organized
Precision craftsmanship, client satisfaction and affordability is the
foundation our business is built on.